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Metal Fence

Secure your property, your cattle, even your kids with our lifetime-guaranteed fencing options. 

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metal fence designs

We take great pride in our work and providing our clients with the highest quality supplies and craftsmanship to ensure the end result exceeds your expectations.

Add security and peace of mind to your property. Contact us for a free quote.

  • All brand new material

  • Many height options

  • Posts cemented into the ground

  • Painted any color you choose

  • Lifetime craftsmanship warranty

No Climb Fencing
No Climb Fencing

Pipe & no climb fencing

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No Climb Fencing
No Climb Fencing

Pipe and no climb fencing

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Privacy Fence Framing
Privacy Fence Framing

All steel privacy fence framing

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No Climb Fencing
No Climb Fencing

Pipe & no climb fencing

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Welding and Fabrication in Springtown, TX

Let's face it, fencing is important. It keeps the things you want in and keeps the things you don't want out. Whether it's the kids, the dogs, the livestock, or whatever you keep around your home, a fence is an important line of defense to keep them safe.


That’s why we offer a full range of custom fencing options. Privacy fences are a great option for any standard home that wants that extra protection and to make sure their neighbors aren’t watching their every move. We can build to suit a custom privacy fence just for you and your home. We even offer specialty fencing such as a lattice privacy fence. We can install a privacy fence gate onto your metal privacy fence as well so you have easy access in and out. We can also add on to your existing fence with a fence extension if you need to take your fence out a bit further or want to reconfigure the coverage of your existing fence.

Coyote Fencing

One of our options that works great for ranchers and people who live in open areas is a coyote fence.


A coyote-proof fence is made by drilling deep into the ground and installing steel mesh fencing that extends below ground so that coyotes and other similar animals cannot climb it, nor can they dig under it. This is important for keeping livestock and family pets and family members safe from wild animals such as coyotes.


Metal vs wood fence

Traditional wood fences are easy for animals to climb or tunnel under and they don’t stand up to weather and other hazards as well either. If you have a problem with wild animals like coyotes, then a fence designed specifically to keep animals out, that is made out of much more durable metal is the best choice.


A corrugated metal fence is another option that is an amazing alternative to a standard wood fence. Not only is a corrugated fence much cheaper than traditional wood, but it is also extremely light. As if that weren't enough, it is many times more durable than wood as well. If you're looking for an outstanding property fence that will last a lifetime with little to no maintenance, then a corrugated metal fence is the way to go.


All of our custom fencing is built to last much longer than anything you could ever have built out of wood. You won't have to worry about fire, mold, rot, or most other hazards. We can even build you a climb-proof fence if you have unwanted guests trying to get onto your property. Metal fencing is maintenance-free and can fit any design, shape, size, or height you need. In many cases, metal fencing is a cheaper option too. This means you'll save money at the point of installation and over the lifetime of your fence.


Once you discover all the benefits of metal fencing, we’re sure you’ll be ready to let us install one for you. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

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Metal Building

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