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Farmers know the value of a sturdy barn and we are your go-to custom barn builders. There are a number of benefits to a metal barn that make it the obvious choice over a traditional wood barn.


For starters, a metal barn is sturdier than a wood barn because it doesn't rot. This means you won't have to replace boards every time a good soaking rain comes through. You won't have to deal with warping either like with wood. Additionally, there is no risk of mold with a metal barn and fire is also a non-issue. For these benefits alone you can see why a metal barn is better than wood.


What you may not know is that the cost of a metal barn from start to finish is significantly lower than that of a wood barn. For starters, steel is cheaper than most woods, especially if you try to build out of a sturdier wood, you're looking at a much higher cost. Besides the higher cost of the materials, you're looking at more of them too. Traditional wood barns use trusses, beams, and joists to support the roof, all of which require a large number of materials cut to the right sizes and fit. Our barns are made of metal and are put together using pole building framing.

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If we haven’t sold you on the benefits of one of our metal barns just yet, then contact us today and speak to one of our trained experts about all the ways a metal barn can benefit you. We’re sure you’ll be sold on it by the time you hear about all they can do.

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